Why do you need a hot tub?

vision-spasHot tubs used be a luxury reserved for the lucky few but not anymore. For the price of a second car you can now get your hands on a high-end hot tub that is both a luxury as well as a necessity.

Here are 10 reasons why you need a hot tub:

  1. A nice soak in a hot tub improve mental state through relaxation
  2. The warm water will improve your ability to fall asleep faster. We’ve written a whole article about it. Check it out here. 
  3. The temperature of the water can improve blood circulation by opening up blood vessels
  4. The heat also improves metabolism, which in turn will help your body burn fat faster
  5. Recent studies have shown that with continued use of hot tub therapy of up to 30 minutes a day can help with type 2 diabetes by lowering blood sugar
  6. All this relaxing and warmth isn’t just good for you literally, but also good for you figuratively. Sitting in warm water and feeling the benefits can greatly reduce your stress
  7. Heat opens up your pores and this can be a good thing when you’re in a clean environment like a spa bath. By opening the pores, you give the water a chance to work its way in there and clean out the various dirt and toxins from your skin
  8. Between the dilated blood vessels, relaxation, and warmth, spa baths can also help reduce headaches
  9. After just 12 minutes in a hot tub, deep muscle temperature increases to reach the temperature of the water. This has been shown to provide relief to sore or injured muscles and joints and promote healing of injured tissue
  10. The warmth from the hot tub combined with the massage that you can get from the bubbles can help to relax the muscles in much the same way that a massage can to a degree

Spending some time in a hot tub is a highly pleasant experience and something that we all can enjoy. If you have a hot tub in your home then this is a very fortunate luxury and you are likely to be the envy of the neighbourhood. If you don’t have one yet, then check out our range of high quality Spa Crest Hot Tubs and find out how you get yours!