10 Surprising Hot Tub Statistics

  1. Hot Tub 485% of hot tub owners said that 1-2 people use the hot tub on a regular basis
  2. 90% of hot tub owners didn’t find the day-to-day hot tub upkeep and maintenance difficult at all
  3. 86% of hot tub owners agreed that the energy cost of using a hot tub wasn’t too expensive at all
  4. Britain ranks within the top ten in the “World hot tub market”
  5. Average running costs of a standard hot tub – varies from £1 – £1.50 per day, depending on outside temperature and amount of time used.
  6. Spas and hot tubs add value to your home.
  7. A recent survey found that 20% of respondents in the West Midlands owned a hot tub, compared to 12% in London, 7% in the North East, 4% in Scotland and 2% in Northern Ireland.
  8. The first known hot tub was said to be that built by an ancient Persian king named Phraortes in 600 B.C. (designed to imitate hot springs)
  9. Purchasing a spa or hot tub costs less than an average family holiday to the Middle East
  10. The recent economic recession did not result in a fall in hot tub sales