5 Endless Pools Questions Answered

21.How much space do I need to install an endless pool?

The compact size of our pools make them easy to fit. Indoors or in the garden, inground or above-ground, when it comes to Endless Pools, the possibilities are endless.

2. How easy is it to maintain the pool clean?

The Endless Pool uses a new type of purifying system that helps sanitise the pool water making it essentially self-cleaning. This system automatically adds ions to the water to inhibit bacteria growth and copper ions to kill algae. You must still use a small amount of chlorine to oxidise the contaminants.

3. How hard is it to swim in the Endless Pool?

It usually takes only a few seconds to learn how to swim against the current. Most first-time swimmers love it straight away!

34. Can I do water aerobics or is the pool designed for swimming only?

The standard Endless Pool is ideal for waist deep aquatic exercise in still water, or against a gentle current that can go as slow or as fast as you want. Whether you want to use the pool for training or rehabilitative exercise, Endless Pools can accommodate!

5. Can I try the pool before I buy?

Of course! Heere at the Spa-Kling company we believe that you should try before you buy which is why we invite you to give us a call and arrange your Endless Pool taster session. Bring a towel and we’ll do the rest! Come and see what the Endless Pool experience is really like!

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