5 Tips To Buying the Perfect Hot Tub

caldera-hot-tubs1.Try Before You Buy

Just like taking a car for a spin before you buy it, you should take a dip in a hot tub spa before agreeing on making the purchase. See if it’s exactly what you want, what it feels like, can you imagine yourself using it etc.

2. Fairs are the worst places to buy a hot tub from

Most hot tub exhibitors at fairs do not have a local showroom or local service. They set up, use high-pressure sales tactics on you (!), and pack up the tent once the fair has ended.

Instead go for a reputable dealer who has been around for years, someone with a showroom you can visit.

3. Look online but buy in person

Researching your major purchase on the Internet is a good way to get the education you need to make a wise buying decision. However it is advisable you do not consider buying a hot tub from on online retailer.

In terms of practicality, you’d be better off buy in person (and trying before buying!)

4. Get the details in writing.

When you buy, make sure your contract includes all the details about the hot tub’s construction, installation dates, payment schedule and warranty coverage.

5. Once you’ve set on a dealer and on a hot tub, make sure you include a maintenance package

Those tend to be cheaper when bought with the hot tub as opposed to separately. Most dealers will be willing to do you a deal. Take advantage.

Considering buying a hot tub? Give us a call and we will be happy to answer all your questions for you.