AquaSPArkle Hot Tub & Spa Chemicals

The AquaSPArkle brand of Hot Tub and Spa Chemicals has quickly established itself as the most comprehensive and innovative range available in the U.K.  AquaSPArkle is manufactured in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire by a team that have many years experience in spa water care.  AquaSPArkle Hot Tub and Spa Chemicals are a favourite with Hot Tub and Spa owners because of the quality of raw materials used, the clear and helpful user instructions and the colour coded labels that help make product identification easy.  AquaSPArkle Hot Tub and Spa Chemicals are supported by a comprehensive Spa Care Guide that provides useful information to new and experienced Hot Tub and Spa owners.

At our showroom in Kingsditch Lane , Cheltenham, Gloucestershire we keep in stock most of the AquaSPArkle range, details of the Hot Tub and Spa water treatment chemicals that we keep in stock can be seen below:

Pack Size
AquaSPArkle Balances
AquaSPArkle pH Minus 1.50kg
AquaSPArkle pH Plus 1.00kg
AquaSPArkle T. A. Raiser 1.00kg
AquaSPArkle Hardness Plus 1.00kg
AquaSPArkle Sanitisers
AquaSPArkle Stabilised Chlorine Granules 1.00kg
AquaSPArkle Multifunctional 20g Chlorine Tablets 1.00kg
AquaSPArkle Bromine Infused Granules 1.00kg
AquaSPArkle Bromine Tablets 1.00kg
AquaSPArkle Oxidisers
AquaSPArkle Spa Fusion – Aqua Sachet 35g
AquaSPArkle Non Chlorine Shock 1.00kg
AquaSPArkle Cleaners
AquaSPArkle Silicon Polish 250ml
AquaSPArkle Surface Cleaner 1.00ltr
AquaSPArkle Immerse – Aqua Sachet 100g
AquaSPArkle Instant Filter Cleaner 500ml
AquaSPArkle Hot Tub Flush 500ml
AquaSPArkle Hot Tub Conditioner – Aqua Sachet 80ml
AquaSPArkle Specialities
AquaSPArkle Spa Sparkle 1.00ltr
AquaSPArkle FoamAway 1.00ltr
AquaSPArkle ScaleAway 1.00ltr

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