10 Must have Pool Accessories - The Spa Kling Pool Company

Maintaining your swimming pool can often feel like such a huge task that it’s easy to forget all the joy that is to come from your pool.

Pool accessories are a great way to inject some fun back into your pool time- especially if you have children who will be home in the summertime.

They don’t have to be expensive and they also don’t have to take up a lot of room. Here are our 10 must have pool accessories.

1. Wireless Floating Pool Speaker

Floating Waterproof Speaker










Get the summer mood going with a wireless floating speaker. They are completely waterproof and have several volume levels. Simply connect to your smartphone or tablet and play your favourite playlists.


2. Inflatable Basketball Hoop

Pool Accessory - Inflatable Basketball hoop









This is the ideal game for all the family to enjoy. Play in teams, or as individuals to score the highest you can. Even better is you can still play this comfortably from the pool side!


3. Floating Beer Pong Table

Pool accessory - Beer Pong









Okay, so this may be a pool accessory for the grown-ups but it’s a fantastic all round party game! It has secure holders so no need to worry about drinks spilling in the pool.


4. Volleyball Net

Pool Accessory - Volleyball net









Another sporting inflatable that is great fun for all the family. You can choose to play using an inflatable ball or make it slightly harder by using a standard ball.


5. Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge

Canopy Inflatable Lounger









This one may be slightly pricier and larger in size, but it is the perfect addition for any pool owner who prefers time to relax. The size means it comfortably fits two people and has inbuilt shade so, no need to worry if you want to spend hours lounging here reading a book.


6. Treasure Hunt Pool Game

Pool Diving Game Treasure Chest









Another pool game to be enjoyed by younger swimmers. The coins sink to the bottom to be retrieved by swimmers and place into the treasure chest – this is bound to result in hours of fun!


7. Water Slide

Inflatable Water Slide









Enter your pool in the best way possible with this inflatable water slide!


8. Pool Noodle Chair

Pool noodle Chair










This super simple pool accessory is perfect for staying afloat comfortably in the water. It’s lightweight and super easy to store compared with other pool seats.


9. Water Blaster

Pool blaster








Purchase with caution! These will start the ultimate water fight. It’s much easier to use and refill than a standard water gun and is also more lightweight making it a great choice for younger children.


10. Waterproof Card Games

Pool Accessory - Waterproof Cards











Our final pool accessory for you to add to your collection is a waterproof deck of cards. Enjoy poolside games without the worry of getting these wet!