5 Common Misconceptions about Private Swimming Pools - The Spa Kling Pool Company

There are many misconceptions people have about private swimming pools! Unfortunately, these misconceptions often come from those who don’t have a pool and therefore, are unaware that the views they have may not be as true as they first may seem.

We are here to help clear the confusion and bring clarity to the common misconceptions people have about private swimming pools.

Here are the 5 common misconceptions we want to address and solve!


1)     Swimming pools are only for those with lots of garden space.

The beauty of having a private pool is that you can choose where you would like the pool to be installed. This means that you do not necessarily need to have a large outdoor space available to you.

Here at Spa-Kling, we offer both indoor and outdoor endless pools. They can also be installed above ground, mid-ground or below ground – giving you the freedom to utilise the space available to you.


2)     Swimming pools require too much maintenance and are not worth it.

Pools do not require a lot of maintenance if they are looked after properly from the beginning. There are very simple maintenance tasks you can carry out over time but, these usually do not require an excessive amount of time.

At The Spa-Kling Pool Company, our endless pools can be easily maintained and we also offer a helpful pool cleaning and maintenance service to help you keep on top of your pool maintenance.


3)     Swimming pools are only useful for swimming and not much else.

Pools are ideal for those who love to swim of course! However, it doesn’t have to stop there. Pools are the perfect space in which to relax and enjoy sports.

With our endless pools, you can add exclusive features such as an underwater treadmill, row bar and hydrotherapy jets (to name a few!). All of these allow you to make the most of your pool.


4)     Swimming pools all look the same and can be an eyesore.

This most certainly is not true and you would be surprised at the range of styles and designs available! Whether you want the classic blue tile, wooden cladding or stone effect – you are bound to find a pool design that you love.

With our endless pools, you can customize your design online! We have an online 3D building software in which you can create your ideal endless pool vision, why not try it out now?


5)     Swimming pools won’t bring any value to a property or social life.

Pools do add value to a property as they are seen as an asset. They bring a luxurious and desirable aspect which in return increases the property value.

Pools also bring a lot of joy and excitement to people’s lives. Not only are they lovely to enjoy alone but, they make the perfect space to socialise in too.


If you are looking to find a reliable and trusted installer of endless pools, you have come to the right place. Our knowledgeable team at The Spa-Kling Pool Company is readily available to install your dream endless pool!

Our expert team works efficiently and effectively to deliver an exceptional service you would be best pleased with.

If you require any further advice or would like a question answered – please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to provide any help you may need.

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