8 benefits of pool enclosures

8 benefits of pool enclosures

OK, so you’re fortunate enough to have a swimming pool in your garden and it’s bringing many pleasurable hours to you, your family and friends during the summer months, but realistically, would you use it when the weather’s less clement?  Of course, the weather in the UK is so much cooler than in southern Europe, and we can’t maximise the benefit of using our pools all year round unless we enclose them.

So how do we optimize the time we can use our pools?  Well, the answer comes in pool enclosures.  Here’s 8 benefits that pool enclosures can bring:

1.  Extended swimming time

Obvious!  But the real benefit in all-year round swimming comes from the increase in well-being that it gives.  We all know that swimming is one of the best exercises for health, and to be able to swim in your own home all-year round is just the best feeling in the world!

2.  Your swimming pool will love you for it!

Why?  Well, your pool will be protected from the elements, which in turns, means less maintenance and certainly less cleaning.  There’ll be less evaporation of essential chemicals, which is a good thing for the environment and you certainly won’t need to rid the pool of seasonal debris like leaves and insects.

3.  Your pool will be more comfortable

Enclosing your pool will give you a more comfortable space to enjoy all-year round.  Your pool temperature will remain constantly comfortable and inviting, which will encourage you to use it more often.

4.  Increased security

As of 2006, most unenclosed in-ground swimming pools in Europe now need to be either cordoned off with a safety fence or enclosed.  By enclosing your pool, you can keep your pets and children safe by closing the doors if you don’t want them to be by the pool by themselves.  That’s got to be a big plus in the ‘peace of mind’ stakes.

5.  A pool enclosure will add value to your home

Some pool enclosures are more like house extensions!  They blend in with the architecture of your home seamlessly and increase much sought after ‘footprint’ to your living space.

6.  You can have the best of both worlds

There has been huge developments in the mechanics of pool enclosures and some have telescopic mechanisms that allow you to retract the roof when the weather’s good, and shut it when it’s grim.  A bit like the Centre Court at Wimbledon, but perhaps not on such a grand scale!

7.  Protection from harmful UV rays

Not that this is much of a problem in the UK, however, with global warming concerns, it’s worth pointing out that pool enclosures prevent UV rays penetrating the walls, hence giving you and your family protection.

8.  The choice is yours!

Pool enclosures are highly versatile and completely customizable for your needs.  Choose from a fixed enclosure, which are the most popular and the least expensive.  They usually have sliding doors, but the structure is fixed and the roof is permanent.  Or you can choose the ‘telescopic’ type where the roof retracts at the push of a button.  Cool, hey?

Imagine waking up every morning and doing a few lengths at the start of your day,  in your lovely, temperate, comfortable pool?  Sounds divine, right?  Well, a pool enclosure could make this happen!

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