How an Endless Pool can be used for Hydrotherapy - The Spa Kling Pool Company

Water gives you the ultimate feeling of weightlessness, making it a fantastic place to complete rehabilitation and therapy for injuries or chronic pain.

While most pools are suitable for hydrotherapy, an Endless Pool has been designed to provide you with the perfect environment for a range of exercises. Here’s how an Endless Pool can be used for hydrotherapy.



The current of an Endless Pool creates the ideal resistance, adaptable to suit your needs, perfect for a range of exercises.

Simply use the current for swimming, walking or running, giving you the right amount of resistance to help strengthen your muscles and joints.



The temperature is easily changeable on an Endless Pool. This means you can adapt it to the most comfortable setting for you and the surrounding environment – whether the pool is inside or outside. For hydrotherapy a pool should always be warm to avoid shock to the muscles but not too hot.


Exercise Equipment

The Endless Pool has a range of add-on exercise equipment ideal for hydrotherapy. These include the popular underwater treadmill and aqua bike. Another option is the rowing kit which is great for building upper body strength.

There’s also the choice of various accessories for exercising such as resistance bands and weights.


Always Available

While hydrotherapy sessions can be difficult to come by, if you have your very own Endless Pool installed you never have to worry about this again. Complete regular hydrotherapy sessions we well as regular swimming to help build your body back to full strength – or ease any chronic pain you suffer with.


Why is Hydrotherapy good for you?

Hydrotherapy helps ease the pain in joints as it reduces the pressure on them for movement. The warmth of the water also allows your muscles to relax more.

That said, cooler water can be good to help stimulate and invigorate the body so, changing between temperatures can help heal certain injuries, enhance bodily functions and reduce inflammation.

The water supports your weight and allows you to move more freely, completing strengthening exercises you might otherwise struggle to do on dry land. It also provides suitable resistance for your joints, helping improve your muscle strength without putting too much pressure on them.


Hydrotherapy Exercises

  1. Start with a gentle walk, this can be with or without a current of your choosing.
  2. After 2-minutes alternate the walk with a jog for 30 seconds each.
  3. Complete a set of forward and side lunges, ensuring the knee doesn’t extend over the foot. Hold each for 30 seconds.
  4. Use weights if required to do arm raises, lower and raise 10 times.
  5. While standing, raise one knee at a time, slow and controlled. Hold parallel to your hips for a few seconds before lowering again.