Have you made any resolutions? - The Spa Kling Pool Company

So it is a new year. Have you made any resolutions? I bet a few of you have plumped for getting fitter and popped down to enrol at your local gym, pool or fitness centre.

Now, that’s all very well and good for you. However, you do have to share the space with other sweaty people and some days that doesn’t appeal too much. You also have to take into account the travelling time of course. And that’s before we start thinking about the fees.

That’s why we think an Endless Pool® is such a great idea. You aren’t competing for space with other people for a start. You can choose exactly when to take the plunge and stay in the water for as long as you like.

As for the expense, when you add up all those annual membership fees and the cost of travelling over the years, it really adds up to make economic sense too.

There is a new video featuring UK users and their stories. You can find it here.

If you would like more information about Endless Pools® then give me a call on 01242 520337 or pop into our showroom for a demonstration.