How Being In Water Benefits Your Health - The Spa Kling Pool Company

We all know how beneficial exercise can be for both our mental and physical health, that’s been proven, but how exactly does being in water benefit you?

In our last blog we shared with you the 10 benefits of swimming, if you haven’t read it you can get up to speed here.

The most stand out benefit being improved fitness, but not everyone who owns a pool, or swims regularly would consider fitness their top priority.

For example, it’s now considered that people can experience many emotional benefits from being near water. Water creates an overall feeling of wellness and peace and when you’re in water it can induce a meditative state that makes people feel happier, healthier and calmer.

If active swimming is not really your thing, then a home pool can be utilised for Hydrotherapy.


What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is the use of water in the treatment for different medical conditions. For example, arthritis, and other rheumatic complaints. It’s a therapeutic whole-body treatment that involves movement and minimal impact exercises in water.


What are the benefits?

Unlike swimming, hydrotherapy is in much warmer water as this allows the muscles to relax and eases any pain in joints. Being in the water helps with the feeling on weightlessness and minimises the impact of movement on the joints and muscles.

  • Eases pain on joints and muscles
  • Supports your weight, enabling you to exercise
  • Used as light resistance to help improve muscle strength


Do I need to be able to swim?

No, you do not need to be able to swim to benefit from hydrotherapy. Especially in an endless pool where the depth is only 1m. There are pools available with greater depths up to 1.83m if you prefer.

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