Top 6 uses for an Endless Pool - The Spa Kling Pool Company

There are plenty of benefits to swimming, including improved fitness but what if you don’t have the space for a pool in your home or garden?

That’s where an Endless Pool could be a great option for you.

As well as swimming there are many ways an Endless Pool could benefit you and your family.



It’s an obvious one but the Endless Pool is a fantastic pool for swimming. Unlike a standard swimming pool, you won’t have to worry about hitting the edge!

With its constant current you can comfortably swim at your own pace, continuously.

This has the added advantage that you can really perfect your technique, without the need to stop or turn.

Open Water Swimming

The Endless Pool can simulate a true open water experience and is suitable for intermediate or advanced swimmers training for an open-water swim.

Its features include an adaptable current and temperature to create the exact environment you wish to train in.

Plus, by having access to a pool at home it gives you the ability to train frequently and at any time that works for you.

Aquatic Exercise

While swimming is a great form of exercise, the Endless Pool can also be used for other aquatic exercises.

Exercising in water helps increase strength, balance and stamina.

Water also provides a level of resistance that can be largely beneficial for those suffering from injury or who usually find exercising difficult.

Aquatic exercise is a good way to build strength for beginners, but it can also enable seasoned athletes to reap the benefits of muscle recovery.

Water-based Therapy

Aquatic therapy, also known as hydrotherapy, helps to heal and improve the overall conditions of the body. Due to the buoyancy of the water, it creates an ideal low-impact environment.

This environment creates the balance required for a soothing and strengthening therapy program.

For people who experience chronic pain, including arthritis, back pain or pain from injury, an Endless Pool is perfect for alleviating this. Hydrotherapy speeds up muscle recovery, reduces inflammation and boosts overall wellbeing.


An Endless Pool is a great place to enjoy time with family and friends. Not only do they provide a relaxing space to unwind but they still have plenty of space to enjoy a good pool party.

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They provide families with the perfect place to socialise and carry out their fitness routines.

For children or adults learning to swim an Endless Pool is a great place to do this.