5 Tips on Training for a Triathlon - The Spa Kling Pool Company

There’s more to training for a triathlon than just putting in hours of running, cycling and swimming. For beginner triathletes, there is a lot to learn. Each discipline in a triathlon is not the same as swimming, running or cycling as standalone sports.

To start with the cycling will be affected by the swim and the run impacted by the previous two legs. Transitioning from each of these is also a skill to master. You can gain or lose a ton of time based on your efficiency to transition between each discipline.

There are a lot of training plans available online. One’s that are specifically designed for beginners and some that are better suited to seasoned athletes. However, we are going to cover our 5 tips on training for a triathlon.

  1. Focus on technique right from the start

You may think that being a successful triathlete is mostly down to fitness but that isn’t true. If you invest in your technique from the very beginning, you will see improvements much quicker. It             will stop you reinforcing bad habits that could cost you on your performance.

  1. Build up training gradually and make sure you recover

    Start your training in plenty of time before your event date. This way you can gradually increase the intensity of your sessions as well as including the all-important recovery time. Another important thing to consider is injury prevention sessions.

  2. Do open water training

    If your event takes place in open water, it’s crucial you are capable of performing in it. Training in different open water, sea, lakes and rivers can help you get used to the temperature and conditions. An endless pool can also give you a very close experience to open water swimming. You also need to train in a wetsuit as this will affect your body position and stroke.

  3. Choose a small, local event to start

    Do you research to find the right event for your skill level. Choosing locally will also help alleviate the pressure of travelling far for your first triathlon. You may even be able to familiarise yourself with the course beforehand.


  1. Keep training fun

    Training can be gruelling and you’ll likely spend much of it alone. Be sure to include social training sessions to help make it more fun. You can also join local clubs to help you connect with like-minded people. Which in turn can keep you motivated.