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Many of us grew up wanting a pool in the back garden but unfortunately with limited space and the unpredictable British weather this may seem more of a dream than a reality.

Now, with an Endless Pool it is all possible. An Endless Pool is a fantastic alternative to a full-sized in-ground swimming pool. They take up far less space and ultimately provide a much better experience for the user.

Installing an Endless Pool is a great solution for those wanting a swimming pool with limited space or anyone concerned about the maintenance of a large in-ground pool.

The other added advantage of an Endless Pool vs a standard swimming pool is the resistance element. Making them the perfect choice for active swimmers, athletes and people requiring water therapy for injuries or long-term disabilities.


What is an Endless Pool?

These pools have been built with a machine that provides a propulsive current, designed for swimming. Therefore, allowing you to swim ‘endlessly’.

This can be perfectly adjusted to meet any swimming style, speed or ability. This enables the swimmer to focus closely on their technique as there is no need for turns.


Where can it be Installed?

The great thing about an Endless Pool is they can be installed inside or outside. You can also choose to have them above or below or partially in ground and even design structures around them to make them look like part of the landscape.

Due to the innovative design of the Endless Pool, it can be installed anywhere, including inside homes as it is assembled in pieces.

They are also easy to fit because of their compact size, our team will be able to do all of this for you.


Who can use an Endless Pool?

The answer is anyone can use an Endless Pool. They are great for swimmers of any ages, including families. They are a largely popular option for athletes, in particular:

  • Triathletes
  • Runners
  • Swimmers

The beauty of the pool is it allows athletes to focus completely on their technique and control the current of the water.

It is also a great option for those requiring any form of water physiotherapy to help with injuries, long-term chronic pain or disabilities.

You don’t just have to swim in an Endless Pool, they can also be used for many forms of aqua aerobics and even have their own specifically designed equipment to use.


How much maintenance is required?

Unlike regular swimming pools, the Endless Pool actually requires very little maintenance. You will need to test the water each week to check the levels and add some chlorine. The filter on an Endless Pool will need changing around every 3-6 months, the frequency depends on the amount of pool usage. This is the same for the copper/ silver cartridges used to kill bacteria and algae.

The cost of running an Endless Pool is similar to that of a hot tub, approximately £30 per month, or £1 per day.


Considering an Endless Pool?

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