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About Us

About The Spa-kling Pool Company

The company’s mission is to supply pool products that make staying at home fun, whether you live alone or have a large family.  We are very fortunate in that many of the products we sell enhance people’s lives and it is our goal to make pool ownership a pleasurable experience.

Our Showroom

We operate from a large indoor showroom where we have a number of swimming pool products on display. Within the showroom we have a fully operational Original Endless Pool®, which is heated to 28°C and ready for perspective purchasers to try before they buy.

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Endless Pools®

An Endless Pool® is easy to install and maintain and economical to run. An indoor installation means you can swim all year round, whatever the vagaries of the British weather. And because of their small footprint, they use fewer resources and energy than larger traditional pools, making them good for the environment.

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Our pool cleaning and maintenance service is totally flexible to meet your needs. Perhaps you would like a regular weekly visit or once or twice a month. Alternatively you may wish to maintain the pool yourself, if so we keep all the products you will need to help you, take a look at our pool products.

Talk To Our Expert ...

James is our showroom manager and our go to expert for all things swimming pool and spa related. Ask James a question here or pop along to our showroom and ask him in person.

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