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Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise you can undertake and many of us enjoy it for fitness or simply pleasure.  However, it isn’t always possible or convenient to get to your local leisure centre or swimming baths and often when you do get there you find it busy and crowded, meaning that you don’t get the swimming experience that you were looking for.

If only you could have a pool to swim in at home – well now you can, and you don’t need a huge space to do it in!

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Customer Testimonial

Paul Tompkins

Endless Pool Owner – Cheltenham

Endless Pool supplied and fitted by The Spa-Kling Pool Company.

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Endless Pools® have come up with the ideal solution for you.  Their products allow you to swim or exercise against a current that can easily be adjusted to suit any ability, stroke or speed.  An Endless Pool® can be installed indoors or out, above ground, partially or fully in-ground and because of its compact design it easy to maintain and cost effective to run.  An indoor pool enables you to swim all year round regardless of the vagaries of the British weather.

And because of their small footprint, they use fewer resources and less energy than larger traditional pools, making them more environmentally friendly.

If you want to know more about Endless Pools®, why not pop into our showroom in Greet near Winchcombe where we have a fully operational pool on display.

Try the Endless Pool® for yourself!

Come along to our showroom and experience the benefits of an Endless Pool® for yourself!  In our showroom we have set up an Original Endless Pool® that is full of heated water ready for you to try before you buy.

To book your private test swim give a ring on 01242 520337 or complete the form below.

Arrange your private swim session

Fill out the form below to arrange your test swim in our Endless Pool®.  You will be able to book a private session in our showroom Endless Pool® after opening hours. If you just want to take a look at the pool, then please pop into the showroom at any time during our opening hours, see below for details.

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See for yourself a complete Endless Pool® installation from start to finish.

Discover the full installation process of an Endless Pool by watching our time lapse video.

See a customer’s outdoor space completely transformed into a luxury leisure area, all in a matter of days.

Endless Pools®

An Endless Pool is easy to install and maintain and economical to run. An indoor installation means you can swim all year round, whatever the vagaries of the British weather.And because of their small footprint, they use fewer resources and energy than larger traditional pools, making them good for the environment.

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Our pool cleaning and maintenance service is totally flexible to meet your needs. Perhaps you would like a regular weekly visit or once or twice a month. Alternatively you may wish to maintain and clean your pool yourself. Take a look at our products pages to see what we can supply to help.