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You deserve the best and we can supply it.
The best in home pools and spas, that is.

Rather than battle with the traffic to visit a crowded leisure centre or public baths, we can provide the ultimate in-home comfort and luxury – your very own pool or spa.  These are the top of the range makes and models, including the fantastic Endless Pools® with their in-built currents to allow you to exercise and swim, despite being small enough to fit into a conservatory or outbuilding.

Not only that but if you need cleaning, servicing, repairs or maintenance for your pool or spa then we can provide a great service, tailored to your unique personal requirements.


If you prefer to do the maintenance and cleaning yourself then we can help by offering a huge range of supplies, everything from your essential pool chemical to pumps and filters, nor forgetting the little extras like goggles and toys along the way.

Browse our website to see what we have in stock.  Better still, why not treat yourself to a visit to our superb new showroom at Greet, near Winchcombe, to see what we can do for you.

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Endless Pools​®

An Endless Pool® is easy to install and maintain and economical to run. An indoor installation means you can swim all year round, whatever the vagaries of the British weather.And because of their small footprint, they use fewer resources and energy than larger traditional pools, making them good for the environment.

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Our pool cleaning and maintenance service is totally flexible to meet your needs. Perhaps you would like a regular weekly visit or once or twice a month. Alternatively you may wish to maintain and clean your pool yourself. Take a look at our products pages to see what we can supply to help.

Talk To Our Expert ...

James is our showroom manager and our go to expert for all things swimming pool and spa related. Ask James a question here or pop along to our showroom and ask him in person.

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