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  • Lower chance of the pool being green upon opening
  • As time goes on the chlorine gets more diluted by the rain
  • As the temperature goes up the growth rate of algae goes up
  • The winter time algicide (algae preventative) has a life span of up to 6months
  • Quicker to react to changes in weather
  • Don’t need to heat the pool but if the weather does become nice then all that needs to be done is to turn the heater on (won’t have to wait for us to open it)
  • Potentially quicker to open so potentially cheaper
  • If the water is clearer and not green, it will take far less time to open the pool than if it was full of debris and green
  • By putting the solar cover on the pool will naturally heat up by a few degrees, meaning when the heating is turned on it won’t be working as long to get up to temperature

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  • The main cost in running a pool is heating it, so if they don’t want to use the pool and don’t want the expense of running it the heater could be left off.
  • What will be running is the pool pump this proportionally costs very little.
  • The pump could be run for less time than normal as its not being used this reduces the costs even more

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