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Swimming pools offer endless enjoyment for their owners, but they must be properly looked after. It’s important that you have effective pool maintenance to avoid unwanted problems.

Basic Swimming Pool Maintenance

This includes cleaning the water, the vinyl walls and keeping your filters clean and maintained. Plus, clearing the area that surrounds your pool.

  1. Remove debris from the surface of your pool water every day. This prevents the debris from sinking to the bottom and being a tougher job to get rid of. You can use a telescopic net to do this.
  2. Brush the walls of your pool to remove dirt and chemicals. Use a telescopic pole with a brush end to scrub the walls, corners and ladder of your pool.
  3. Follow step two with a pool vacuum. Use a telescopic pole with a vacuum head attached to the end. Move this over the entire floor of your pool to remove any dirt and debris. When this is completed, turn your filtration system back on.
  4. To clean your filter, follow the manufacturers instructions. Here’s one step by step guide for a cartridge swimming pool filter https://www.wikihow.com/Clean-a-Cartridge-Type-Swimming-Pool-Filter
  5. Sweep the area surrounding your pool. Remove leaves, grass and any other debris that is likely to end up in the pool. To clean this area thoroughly, use a high-pressure hose or jet wash to remove any algae.


Test the Pool Water

You can test your pool water one of three ways.

  1. Test strips
  2. Liquid test kit
  3. Take a sample to a pool company for them to test

Your swimming pool pH should be around 7.4.

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