Where is the best place for my endless pool

Endless pools are becoming very popular in the UK as a way of keeping fit, relaxing improving our sense of well being.  Here at The Spa-Kling Pool Company, we’re often asked where people can position their endless pool in their homes and gardens.

Well, the answer to this is – pretty much in any ground floor space in your home!  You can position an endless pool in basements, conservatories, garden sheds and garages.  You can even put it in your lounge, if you wanted to, but we’d really question why!!

Because endless pools are designed in a modular format, they ‘pieces’ are small enough to fit through standard doorways, which makes them easy to be positioned within the house itself.  In warmer climates, endless pools are often installed in gardens, decking areas and patios.

In fact, endless pool installation is so versatile, you’ll be surprised at how easy they are to install.  You can install them fully above ground, partially in ground or fully in ground, depending on your preference and the aesthetics of the room.

And once installed, they require very little maintenance – you need to test the water and add chlorine, obviously, and the filter cartridges need changing every 3-6 months, depending on how much usage it gets.  Equally, endless pools require very little fitting – in fact you can be actually swimming in your new pool on the same day as installation!  You could install the endless pool yourself, but we’d always recommend a professional installer to do it for you.

And, if all these benefits weren’t enough, you can actually move your endless pool and take it with you if you move home!  There are so  many benefits to owning an endless pool that you’ll consider it an essential part of your well-being and general health!

We are The Spa-Kling Pool Company – our mission is to supply pool products that make staying at home fun, whether you live alone or have a large family. We are very fortunate in that many of the products we sell enhance people’s lives and it is our goal to make pool ownership a pleasurable experience.

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