How to Choose What Type of Hot Tub to Purchase - The Spa Kling Pool Company

It is exciting when you finally decide it is the time to purchase a hot tub.  

There are many different types to choose from which can make it hard to decide what is best for you, clouding your mind with hot tub related questions. That is why Spa-Kling Pool Company has put together a list of all the different types of hot tubs, so you can choose what suits your needs best!

The Hard-Shell Hot Tub. 

The Hard-Shell Hot Tub is a permanently installed hardened spa, available in a range of shapes and sizes to fit in your garden. Sophisticated and highly desirable, the Hard-Shell Hot Tubs have a variety of glitzy features that may allure you into purchasing one, from hydrotherapy massage heads, built-in sound systems and underwater lighting. These features and many more provide users with an all-inclusive spa experience.  

 With a hard-wearing design, these hot tubs are long-lasting compared to their high street competitor, the inflatable hot tub. 


Wood-Fired Hot Tubs. 

Wood-Fired Hot Tubs are a more traditional approach to what we normally define as a hot tub. Instead of using electricity to heat the water, you simply burn wood to heat it. Wood-Fired Hot Tubs can be custom built and provide a traditional hot tub experience without all the bells and whistles that we often want a hot tub for. 


Inflatable Hot Tubs. 

The inflatable hot tub has become popular over the last few years, as an easily deflated and seasonal alternative to the well-established Hard-Shell Hot Tub. Cheaper than Wood-Fired and Hard-Shell Hot Tubs they do have added problems that these long-standing, hardwearing hot tubs do not. Though they are portable and easy to move, they are easily punctured which makes it a no go if you have young children running around or pets that enjoy sinking their nails into furniture!  

If you need help deciding what type of hot tub to purchase, why not contact us today?