The Time is Right to Open Up your Pool! - The Spa Kling Pool Company

Hopefully, that’s the last of the bad weather behind us with Spring fast approaching. Before you know it, the time will be right to get back in your pool!

Historically, in the Cheltenham area, temperatures over the last 4 years have started to pick up from early April onwards. You will definitely want your pool in operation by May.

One of the worst things you can encounter when you do open up your pool after the winter is green water, chock full of algae. The problem increases as the growth rate of the algae accelerates as the temperature rises.

To counter this, why not get your pool opened up now, with a thorough clean and a complete service. We will also add algaecide to the water to combat any future growth.

I expect you are aware that the main cost of running a pool is heating it. You might think that if you open your pool too early in the year, you will be wasting money by having to heat it. Not so!

You don’t need to have the heater on yet, just the pool pump which proportionally costs very little to run. Then, if the weather does take a sudden turn for the better, all you have to do is simply turn the heater on and you are good to go.

So why not give us a call on 01242 520337 and arrange for us to call round and get your pool opened up for you. Make 2020 the year you use your pool to the max!